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Andrew Sears  MA, MFT

Psychotherapy & Counseling - Individuals, Couples & Families

Marriage & Family Therapist

CA License MFC 53020


     These are questions about you. Try to imagine someone asking, and for that moment, you're not alone.... So many people slog along; plans seem like threats, fulfilling of goals is for everyone else, words like passion and potential seem annoying. Goals are unknown or constantly out of reach. Your peers are unsupportive or just don't get you. Maybe you feel alienated or disconnected from yourself and others. If you’re at this site, then you've probably been wondering or even obsessing about how you might need to change or try to do things differently - or if that’s even possible!

       I believe we’re all born full of enormous power and potential, but that we often become trapped deep beneath layers of trauma and defenses. With childhood neglect, discrimination, physical abuse, bullying, domestic, emotional, or sexual violence, or denial of the nurturing we all need and deserve as small children, we become forced to hide from ourselves and others. Tragic events, illnesses, loss of a loved one - these can all dramatically change our ability to cope and live our lives fully.

       We build defenses for a reason. They protect us. Yet as adults, those same defenses work against us, maintaining habitual practices and belief systems that load us down like overstuffed luggage. What can be done to unpack those bags?

       Let’s look inside: shame, grief, loss, chronic illness, fear, self-doubt, a need for confirmation from others, a deprived or even inflated sense of identity - these can all lead to self-neglect, feelings of inadequacy, social anxiety, chronic depression, mania, OCD, fragmentation, sleeplessness, addictions, overeating, poor appetite, boredom, loneliness, despair - it’s endless.

        In therapy, we will collaborate and explore the core beliefs that stand between you and who you wish to be. We’ll start the process of breaking free from the things that hold you back. With acceptance of who and where you are at this very moment, you can face the here-and-now, regain access to your inner strengths, and begin again in the process of becoming the person you wish to be.